Helpful Links

Throughout our limb different journey we’ve found a number of websites and blogs to be incredibly helpful as well as sources of inspiration, celebration and information.

ARC are a low-profile charity set up specifically to support and assist parents going through antenatal screenings. Specifically, but not limited to, those who have received surprising or worrying results.

  • REACH – Association for Children with upper limb deficiency:

We reached out to this charity as soon as we received the news about our daughter’s hand. We are members and found our welcome pack, full of other families’ stories as well as our local branch meet ups a fantastic resource. The website has information for parents, through all stages of their child’s development and offers reassurance and advice. We shared the Reach website with our friends and family to give them an idea of where we were working from.

I’ve yet to fully explore the wealth of information, sparkles and experiences contained within this US-based website. It’s packed full of unicorns and reassuring stories to allay fears and give hope. Did I mention the unicorns? And the sparkles?

A US-based, but worldwide, non profit organisation set up to raise awareness and to celebrate children with a variety of limb differences. Super fun, super uplifting and just plain awesome.

We love following these guys and their journey, which mirrors our own in so many ways (not least of all the almost matching hands!). My Right Hand Man is almost a year older than Hero and we love following their adventures and getting so many helpful hand tips! Their journey with prosthetics is of particular interest as we start to think about what our girl’s options, needs and wants will be.

  • Follow our own little but fierce journey on Facebook, from scan to beyond.

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