Though She Be But Little 2016 is trying to be an open and honest exploration of parenting a limb-different child, through the few lows and the many highs, through pregnancy and beyond.

At our 20-week anomaly scan we were blind-sided to discover that our first child would be born missing her right hand. Our upset was made all the worse by inconclusive scans and medical experts warning us that there could be something seriously wrong with our baby; that we may have to consider a termination. However, despite the fear and the uncertainty, four months later our beautifully healthy baby girl was born.

At the time of that scan, bombarded by well-meaning encouragements, I trawled the web looking for validation that it was OK to be scared. It was OK to not know what to expect and to be nervous about our daughter’s future. I struggled to find the words that I needed to hear.

As one of those people who find writing the best means for processing my emotions, I took to the blogosphere. Partly this blog was intended as a means of understanding my own thoughts and feelings about a situation I had never experienced before and had certainly never seen coming. I hope too that other new parents might find on these pages somewhere to turn when they need to hear that it’s ok to be scared. Things will get better and they will be ok. Things will be more than ok, in fact. Their limb-different child will be amazing and perfect.