I was asked recently why I hadn’t done a blog post in a while and I had to think about my answer for a moment. It took me a while to realise that the reason I haven’t blogged is because Hero’s difference has barely been noticeable over the past month or so.

There was that memorable incident when our little problem solver learnt to get her lucky fin out of her car seat harness on the M4 motorway last month. That was fun. But it was the Reach community to the rescue and, after some trial and error, we managed to stop the problem becoming a regular occurrence with the judicious use of some Velcro.

I will not be restrained!

There was also the moment I felt a bit over sensitive in a baby group when we were singing about having ten fingers… yet again. That felt a bit rubbish, but mostly because I wasn’t sure how I should model a response for Hero. Reach community to the rescue again!

But despite these little things going on and some major changes happening over the past month, including me going back to work part time and Hero starting nursery, we’ve barely noticed her difference.

That says a lot I think. It says a lot about how far I’ve come on this journey, and it says a lot about how determined and smart our little girl is.

She learnt to climb the stairs on her first attempt. She spends countless minutes trying to figure out how to clip the two pieces of her highchair harness together. She’s learnt how to pull toys on string closer to her, by looping the string around her little arm and creating a pulley.

FullSizeRender 60
Top of the stairs: I can climb mountains

It was only after I walked away, having dropped Hero off for her first trial session at nursery (and after I’d stopped crying), that I realised we hadn’t discussed her little hand at all with the staff. It simply didn’t come up. It didn’t need to be mentioned. We talked about nap routines (ha!), we talked about foods she liked to eat and things she liked to play, but we didn’t talk about her hand. She doesn’t need help feeding herself finger food. She doesn’t need help with her sippy cup. She doesn’t need help manipulating toys and moving about the place at high speed. She simply doesn’t need help.

She might not always do things the traditional way, but she’s wasting no time in finding her own way. And, as I’m learning to appreciate when it comes to annoying baby songs, ten fingers really are overrated!



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