People have been turning socks into hand puppets for decades, maybe even centuries, but there’s been something of a hand/sock revelation of late: Handsocks officially rock!

FullSizeRender 27

Born from the combination of a superbly simple idea and cold little hands on a skiing holiday, Virginia-based inventor Casey Bunn, has answered the needs of a great many parents and all sorts of kids around the world!

Billed as the perfect mitten to stop little ones scratching and designed to help youngsters through skin conditions, illnesses and operations, Handsocks could also be a dream come true for parents of limb different littlies.

Last winter, I tried countless pairs of mittens on Hero’s little hand in the hopes of finding something – anything – that would stay on. With no palm, her little hand narrows past the wrist and therefore has nothing for a mitten or a glove to hang on to. We ended up just rolling sleeves over her lucky fin and tucking it under blankets to keep it warm, which is no good for babies who want to wave and explore rather than be swaddled!

Now, just in time for a change in the wonderfully indecisive British Spring weather and under the threat of impending snow (Winter is Coming…. Back), we have finally discovered Handsocks!


They fold over the end of her big hand, keeping little fingers warm and snug and they stay, with ne’er a slip, on her lucky fin. Even better, you can roll back the soft and cosy mitten exterior so that she can have her hands free without having to strip off her Handsocks – perfect for outside explorations in the chilly weather.


They come in a variety of sizes and styles and Hero is fitting comfortably in the 0-3 month size, giving her a whole lot of growing room into the larger sizes. I think she’ll be decked out in Handsocks for years to come!


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