The world just got a whole lot bigger for Hero and things just got a whole lot more interesting for us: Our lucky fin baby mastered crawling last week.

By this I mean, crawling forward, not the backwards shuffle she’s been perfecting for the past few weeks. It’s been an amazing process to watch her figure things out and she found it a lot quicker to master coordinating her arms than her legs. So much so that for almost a month she’s been pushing herself backwards, without understanding quite how she was doing it or why. The look on her face as she got further away from her intended destination was a picture!


The past week she’s been building up to going forward, inch by calculated inch. It started off with her learning to get her knees up underneath her and from there she moved on to dive bombing onto her tummy in order to reach her goal. She’d been teetering on the edge of the forward movement for so many days I banned anyone from putting her on her tummy when I wasn’t in the room. I’ve been with that girl almost 24/7 since her birth and damned if I was going to miss this huge milestone!

I’d like to take a closer look at the impact Hero’s lucky fin has had on the process of her learning to crawl, but as she’s our first, we’re new to the whole thing and really can’t comment. We are so proud of her for smashing this milestone after being advised during pregnancy not to worry if she missed or was late in achieving certain milestones. Nothing, nothing at all, could have been further from the truth.


That’s not to say that it’s been easy for her and, while she’s mastered this milestone like a pro, she’s got a few bumps and bruises to show for her efforts. Her lucky fin might not be holding her back, but not having a hand does have its disadvantages when trying to lean forward on that side. All too often she’s tumbled over the top of her lucky fin and face planted on the ground. She never falls over her left hand; it’s only ever over her lucky fin. As a result, we try to contain most of her crawling on a soft mat at the moment and the poor kid has been sporting an almost permanent bruise on the right side of her forehead for the past week, which she seems to update as soon as it’s faded. It only ever happens when she loses concentration or gets distracted from what she’s doing for a moment, so I don’t think it’s a phase that will last long!

Mr Bump!

Watching her figure things out in her own sweet way and watching her trial and error what she can do, is so humbling and exciting. She’ll learn, she’ll work out how to use her little hand differently, and she’ll keep on smashing through those milestones still to come.


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